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    1. Guilin Fuda Forging Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Fuda Inc., located in Yangtang Industrial Park of Xicheng Industrial Zone, Guilin. With a gross investment of 1.025 billion Yuan, including a fixed asset investment of 0.83 billion Yuan, it is a major project planned and promoted by the Autonomous Region, completed and put into operation at the end of 2012.

      The company has introduced most advanced equipment from different countries such as Russia, Germany, the US, Finland, Japan and South Korea and completed six hot die forging fully automatic production lines, 14,000 tons, 12,500 tons, 8,000 tons, 6,300 tons and 4,000 tons (two lines), of which the production line of 14,000 tons is currently the largest one of its kind in China. The company mainly produces large precision forging products such as engine crankshafts, front axles, steering knuckles and engineering machinery, ship machinery , with an annual production capacity of 100,000 tons of forging products. It has become the largest fully automatic producer of precision forging with the most advanced processes and equipment in China, filled the gap of large precision forging in the automobile and engineering machinery industrial chain of Guangxi and significantly enhanced the equipment capacity of the machinery industry of Guangxi and even China. While satisfying the demands of domestic clients, it has also entered the global supply chain systems of international high-end clients such as Volvo, Benz, Hino and MTU.

      Fuda Forging boasts the world’s first-class mold designing and processing equipment, has introduced a batch of globally leading high-speeding processing equipment such as German DMG five-coordinate CNC processing center, equipped with Hexagon Global bridge type three-coordinate measuring machine, Canadian Creaform hand-held 3D laser scanner and software and hardware systems for mold simulation. All these equipment have fully realized CAM from mold designing to processing and manufacturing and satisfied the company’s high-level demand for forging production molds.

      The demonstrative project of research and application of Fuda Forging for the digital forging production system with an annual production capacity of a million crankshafts passed the inspection of the National Development and Reform Commission in November 2016 and became the domestically first digital forging production system to pass the national inspection. After the project was put into operation, Fuda Forging can form a complete digital system of smart forging equipment and workshop.The forging technology of the enterprise was upgraded from a domestically leading level to an internationally advanced level.

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